At last there is a punched out flower with depth! These punches are wonderful-they punch the flower and emboss to give a more 3-D look. The Poinsettia Punches come as a set-you'll get the Punch and the Shaper. You can also purchase our new Shimmer Paper to use with the punches. Combine the Small Poinsettia with the Large Poinsettia and have the perfect flower!

Shimmer Paper   8.5 x 5.5"   $.50/sheet
                                                                                     P60 - Red
                                                                                     P61 - Dark Blue
                                                                                     P62 - Emerald Green
                                                                                     P63 - Green Fairway
                                                                                     P64 - Purple Punch

H534    Small Poinsettia Punch/Shaper Set   $17.00
H533    Large Poinsettia Punch/Shaper Set   $26.00

H535 Holly Leaf Punch $13.50

H536 Floral Branch Punch 13.50

H537 Small Snowflake Punch $6.00